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This post is for those who have or would like to have seed packets and are curious about greenfieldseed.com

email info contact is via ferrocement.com

Why ferrocement.com? This web caretaker has been at ferrocement.com since the winter of 1998-99

Garrett Connelly is also the web caretaker at greenfieldseed.com. That's me, the writer, a retired and philosophical farmer who learned to farm seeds working for one of the best farmers in the valley.

Today's question — Do you have a benefit event? These seed packets are here for you.

This site is mainly a public service to help reduce microplastics flowing down your drain and into the ocean, via almost every city or village sewer system. The commercial aspect of greenfieldseed.com provides the funds to operate.

image of lufa seed packet text

Benefit table requests for donated table stock and varietal seed grower cooperations please use the above email. Individual orders are possible. You should be able to find seed at a nearby agricultural seed supply store. Use the above email if you want to reduce your daily down the drain plastic pollution via your stained and stinky oil company plastic kitchen sink sponge; reach out to greenfieldseed.com if you are unable to locate seeds to grow natural clean stain and odor shedding organic luffa sponges, during early spring. Don't be left out there all alone in the chemical weirdness. All of us here at greenfieldseed.com are here to help you turn off plastic glaciers spreading over Earth.

Check ferrocement.com to learn about and use that resource.

• Safe ashore, for auction fundraiser, date to be announced •

image of painting for funding auction in future plans

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